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Fall Capsule Wardrobe Colour Palette 1

I've always admired capsule wardrobes and dreamed of purging my closet down to just the essentials with a specific colour palette and create various of outfit options from just 30 to 50 items. As we continue to live life in the midst of a pandemic many of us have realized that we actually need less and we have reevaluated what is most important to us. We may want all the options when it comes to fashion but honestly what do we really need? With this in mind, and the change in the season, this is actually the perfect time to clean out our closets, donate, toss or sell items that we no longer wear or need and focus on creating a wardrobe built on timeless, well made pieces that can be mixed and matched and fit with our lifestyle. 

The best place to start to create the capsule wardrobe of your dreams is to begin with your perfect colour palette. Chose 7 or 8 colours that work well together AND truly flatter you. No sense in picking a colour that may seem popular or appropriate for the season but does not look good on you. I picked 7 colours for my fall capsule wardrobe that I believe flatter my skin tone and can be combined to create nearly endless colour combinations. My chosen colours are: camel, black, grey, ivory, navy, blush pink and beige. You might not think pink is a fall colour but when it is paired with the right colour combinations it fits right in to the season (and it is probably the most flattering colour on me, so it made the cut). The other shades in my fall capsule wardrobe are very neutral and can actually work from season to season. If you are going to invest in quality pieces that will last you for years I recommend choosing neutral colours that won't go out of fashion quickly. 

I've created three-colour combinations below using my fall colour palette to show how picking the right colours that work well together can create nearly endless options when putting together an outfit from your wardrobe capsule.  

If you are not sure which colours to pick for your capsule wardrobe colour palette, I recommend finding inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram.  There are so many fabulous outfit ideas on Pinterest within my chosen colour palette and I added some of those ideas below. Just layer the colour combinations to create the perfect fall outfit!  

Fall Wardrobe Capsule Colour Inspiration
Source: Pinterest

So the first step is complete and next I will need to decide which pieces will fit into my capsule wardrobe. Some items from my closet will already work well and some items will need to be purchased. Building a capsule wardrobe doesn't happen overnight, especially when investing in quality pieces. But once you have the core items in your wardrobe getting ready in the morning will be a pleasure and you will always feel confident in your outfit. 

Next up... the core pieces that make up the perfect fall capsule wardrobe. Stay tuned!

Deanna xo


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The basket bag was a fashion trend that was everywhere last year and it's an accessory that is already gaining even more popularity this coming spring/summer season! A basket bag adds a touch of chic to any outfit, whether you prefer boho, feminine or preppy fashion. They come in all shapes & sizes, are often made from rattan, raffia, straw and other natural materials, and they are available at many price points.  Zara has jumped on the trend with this cute raffia basket bag with short handle, this large half circle straw tote with wooden handles and this small raffia basket bag accented with a polka dot scarf. My favourite style is the small round rattan basket bag with long, over the shoulder strap, like this one from Free People. I've found more basket bag styles at affordable prices that you can shop for now and will be the perfect accent to your favourite outfits this spring and summer!

Thanks for reading!

Travelling to Paris is high up on my bucket list and one fashion trend I adore is classic french girl style. This look is completely inspired by this chic trend and can be worn this fall and again in the spring. Instead of the usual little black ballet flats I switched them up for  these on-trend Sam Edelman horse bit loafers and I added a splash of colour with this red Saint Laurent leather shopping tote bag (check out this more affordable option here). I may not be headed to Paris this fall but that doesn't mean I can't dress like a french girl until I do!

Fall Outfit - Preppy Style

A month into the fall season and the air is finally starting to feel crisp & cool and the leaves are in their full fall foliage. One of my favourite looks for autumn is this classic preppy ensemble. The combination of a Gap cream cable knit sweater under a J.Crew navy puffer vest, with a Burberry camel plaid scarf, brown leather riding boots and dark wash high waisted skinny jeans is the perfect autumn weekend look to head to the local pumpkin patch, go apple picking or stroll through the fallen leaves.



Embroidery Trend

The sun is shining and the flowers are blossoming - spring is finally here! And if you look at fashion today you are probably noticing that flowers are also popping up on our clothes in the form of intricate embroidery. It is one of the hottest trends in women's fashion and one trend that I am fully on board with. I am especially enamoured with floral embroidery on jeans and tops. It is such a pretty feminine look and there are so many affordable options available to help you incorporate this trend into your wardrobe. These beautiful embroidered jeans from Zara are under $50 and I can't wait to pair them with a white off the shoulder top (like this one from Banana Republic) and my pink Converse sneakers. Shop more embroidered jeans below.

Deanna xo


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