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August 29, 2016

What is prettier than the combination of soft grey and blush pink? It's such flattering colours that together create an airy, soft and ultra feminine vibe. I scoured my Pinterest boards for the best grey & blush pink inspiration for your wardrobe and home. I've also linked a few of my favourite fashion pieces (like this crossbody bag and these suede tie up flats) and home decor items (like this throw pillow) in this pretty palette at the bottom for you to shop.

Deanna xo

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August 26, 2016

In my last post I shared fabulous travel style inspiration from some of the chicest ladies in blogging and entertainment (check the post out here). Today I am sharing my six essentials to great travel style:

1. Comfortable Shoes
This is a no-brainer. When you are running from gate to gate or standing in long customs and security lines you don't want to be uncomfortable in heels. Pack your heels in your carry on bag and wear these stylish options instead:
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2. Lightweight Scarf
Whether you are traveling to a warm weather destination or not, a scarf is an essential part of your travel wardrobe. It will keep you warm in the chilly terminal and on your overly air conditioned flight, acting like a blanket (which is a better option than the ones they offer on the plane). Make sure your scarf is lightweight - this is not the time for heavy knit wool that will just weigh you down. Try one of these styles:
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3. Loose Layers
Another great travel style essential is wearing loose layers that you can easily shed and tie around your waist as temperatures change. Stick with neutral tones and wear a breathable cotton tee or tank underneath. You can't go wrong with a cotton utility jacket, denim jacket or a lightweight open front cardigan, like these:
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4. Casual Pants
Wearing casual, comfortable pants is another key to looking and feeling great while travelling. I've worn dresses on planes and inevitably my legs get chilly. A pair of jeans with stretch, leggings or joggers are great options and will always look stylish. I've also included a pair of jeans without distressing below:
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5. Versatile Hat
This is a trick from the celebrities who are often hiding from paparazzi in airports. Wearing a hat can hide a multitude of things after a long flight... tired eyes, messy hair, and your identity (in case you happen to be a celebrity!). In all honesty, a hat can help you feel pulled together when you just got off the redeye. And by wearing your hat on the plane you can free up space in your luggage. Try one of these options:
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6. Large Tote Bag
Last but certainly not least, a large tote bag with long handles that can easily go over your shoulder is a key piece to great travel style. Make sure it's strong enough to carry everything you'll need to get through your trip in one piece, including magazines, a book, a water bottle, snacks, a small toiletry bag, wallet, passport, travel documents, a pen, a tablet, smartphone, headphones, a cellphone charger, etc. I've found three options that are tried and true travel tote bags:
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Happy stylish travels!
Deanna xo

August 24, 2016

When it comes to great travel style these ladies have it down to an art. Comfort and chic are the first two words that come to mind when I describe their travel style. When you are running from one airport gate to the next and sitting on long flights being comfortable is of upmost importance. But any fashionista knows that comfort must be followed by chic! In keeping with the comfort & chic theme there are six essentials to great travel style and I will share those essentials later this week. So stay tuned! 

Deanna xo
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August 22, 2016

SPERRY CANVAS BOAT SHOES | STRIPED SWEATER (Old Navy - sold out; similar style here and here)

Nautical style is one of my favourites because it's clean, crisp and comfortable. Navy is the first colour that comes to mind when I think nautical and it is probably the colour I gravitate most to with my wardrobe choices. In this look above I paired these very comfortable and versatile Sperry canvas boat shoes with an Old Navy striped sweater. Add a pair of white jeans or shorts and you have a perfect nautical look. And you don't need a boat or to live by the water to pull it off!

Deanna xo

August 19, 2016


I'm 61 days into my 94 day #MyFitSummer2016 fitness challenge and one of the reasons I've stayed on tracked with my fitness goals is the convenience of workout videos. Over the years I've built quite a collection of fitness DVDs including pilates, barre, yoga, HIIT, dance cardio and strength training. When I'm short on time or the weather is not ideal I just pop in one of my fitness DVD's and get my sweat on at home. Most of the DVDs are very inexpensive, require very little equipment and help keep the cost of staying shape down. Some of my favourite fitness DVDs are: 
Tone It Up Beach Babe 3 (definitely my favourite of all my fitness DVDs - great variety!)
Yogalosophy with Mandy Ingber (Jennifer Aniston's yoga teacher)
• Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis (Julianne Hough loves taking her classes!)
Ballet Beautiful: Total Body Workout (the Victoria's Secret angels take these classes to get ready for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show)

And when I am looking for more variety I turn to YouTube for free workout routines. PopSugar Fitness, Tone It Up and BeFit are my top three fitness channels that offer  challenging videos that work well with my schedule and my fitness interests. All three channels upload new videos every week which keeps me from getting board with the same old routines, keeps my muscles guessing and introduces me to new trainers & techniques. And the best part is (aside from being FREE) you can take YouTube videos anywhere, which is great for travellers and people on the go. 

Have a wonderful, fit weekend!

Deanna xo

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