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So many of you loved my October blog post about Tone It Up and how they inspire me to work out.  The ladies of Tone It Up, Katrina and Karena, are more than just fantastic certified personal fitness trainers who have their own studio in Hermosa, California and their own YouTube channel at They are also certified nutritional coaches who have developed their own incredible diet plan.  Here is a quote about the plan straight from their own Tone It Up website:

"Through our own experiences and struggles, we have found the "secret" to achieving the toned lean body of an athlete or fitness model. We reveal our weight loss secrets and diet tips that when applied promise to Tone YOU Up in just four weeks! Transform your body, burn fat, raise your metabolism, gain energy, look and perform like an athlete. The Tone It Up Diet Plan is a detailed nutrition program based on eating clean, natural foods in a way that will optimize your body's fat burning potential."

I am starting the Tone It Up diet plan today and my goals are to eat better, whole, natural and less processed foods for a healthier body. I'm combining the diet plan with a 5 to 6 day a week exercise plan (cardio and weights) and hope to see a more toned body from the inside out. I can't reveal the exact Tone It Up diet plan but here are a few whole foods that will help me make the transition to a healthy lifestyle:

I encourage everyone to check out the Tone It Up diet plan and begin a healthy lifestyle change now.  I'll keep you posted on my progress!

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