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The trend toward comfy, casual, "basic" styling is everywhere and I was quick to embrace it. Who doesn't want to feel comfortable and stylish at the same time? It's all about tees, skinny or boyfriend jeans, sweatshirts, over sized woolly sweaters, leather leggings and SNEAKERS. I like to call it "sneaker chic". 
Sneaker chic is not your mom's sloppy jeans and runners look. The key to keeping the "chic" in this trend is the right type of sneakers. Pick a style that looks a little vintage and is neutral in colour. Three brands that are doing the sneaker chic trend perfectly are New Balance, Nike and Adidas. Adidas Stan Smith sneakers are very vintage in style and the all white, low profile look is one that is very hot right now. I'm also a personal fan of Nike Pre Montreal sneakers and New Balance 574 Precious Metal sneakers.
Now I wouldn't run a marathon in these sneakers (they are more fashion, less athletic) but you will feel like you can walk all day, which makes them great for city dwelling, running errands and travelling. The price point on this fashion trend is as attractive as the shoes... most styles are under $100! Terrific for building a sneaker chic wardrobe! Shop all my favourite styles below and watch this blog for my own sneaker chic looks.


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