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February has been pretty brutal so far - freezing cold and very snowy. Trudging through the slushy cold weather makes me wonder if winter will ever end and realize that spring doesn't officially start for another month or so.

But just when I feel like there is no hope for warmer temps (a little dramatic, I know) I start to see buckets of tulips at every flower shop and grocery store. A small reminder that spring really isn't too far away. I love snapping photos of tulips where ever I find them and these are just a few of my recent pictures.

Tulips are my very favourite flower. If I could afford to fill my home with a million pink and white tulips I would. Tulips just make me smile and remind me of my childhood. I've found that treating myself to a small bouquet of fresh tulips throughout the last weeks of winter really helps to lift my spirits, especially when the skies are grey day after day. It is like a little bit of sunshine and spring in a vase!

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