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I love peony season! My love for this beautiful flower started in my childhood with the peonies in my grandfather's garden. Their fragrant scent brings me back to those precious summers every time. These pretty hot pink peonies came from my sister-in-law's garden. I'll never turn down free peonies! (Vase - Pottery Barn)

I have gardening in my blood and I have wanted to build a little garden of my own for quite a while. But condo living in the city makes it a little tough to fulfill my garden dreams. In the mean time my boyfriend and I went to our local nursery and picked out herbs to build a little garden on our balcony. I can't wait to use our organic herbs in my favourite summertime recipes! (Sandals - J.Crew)

White flowers are my absolute favourite and when I found these pure white peonies I had to have them! What can I say, I'm obsessed! (Red Striped Top - J.Crew)

A peek at the organic baby strawberries growing in our balcony garden. When I saw the strawberry plants at Sheridan Nurseries I couldn't resist bringing one home. The strawberry flowers are so pretty and the baby berries are precious. I can't wait to taste them soon!

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Deanna xo

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