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Summer is flying by so fast and my fitness is getting lost in between all the backyard BBQs and dinners on sunny patios. I decided I need a little challenge to get my workouts back on track before the summer comes to an end and we are back in big cozy sweaters & jeans. Inspired by my favourite trainers, the Tone It Up girls, I created the 100 by Fall fitness challenge. 

What is the 100 by Fall? It's actually pretty simple... complete 100 miles of cardio activity by the first day of fall. That heart pumping activity can be running, walking, swimming, jogging, biking, the elliptical machine, etc. (divide any miles you bike by 3 and multiply any miles you swim by 3 to get your miles for this challenge). By starting today, July 23rd, we have exactly 60 days until the first day of fall and that equals 1.67 miles per day. When you break down the miles into increments that fit your lifestyle, preferred activity and schedule you can absolutely accomplish this challenge! I always find that having a solid plan helps you to fit in your workout routine around all your other favourite summer activities. I plan to do four cardio sessions of 3.11 miles (5k) per week of by jogging, power walking and the elliptical (on rainy days).

Come join me in completing the 100 by Fall fitness challenge and let me know in the comments section below what activities you plan to do. Now I need to log off my computer,  put on my favourite workout gear, get outside and accomplish my first few miles! I've linked great workout gear for you below for a little extra motivation. Good luck!

Deanna xo

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