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This week I completed my 100 by Fall Fitness Challenge and I actually jogged more than the goal of 100 miles (110 to be exact). I am so happy that I set a fitness goal and stuck with it right to the end. It's so easy to get off track and either lose motivation or get too busy with other responsibilities. One thing that really kept me going was the fact that I announced that I was doing the fitness challenge on my blog & social media accounts. I didn't want to quit and let myself or my followers down. When you let people know your fitness goals and allow them in to support & cheer you on it's amazing what you can accomplish. 

So now that the 100 by Fall Fitness Challenge is done and dusted, what's next? Thankfully a brand new fitness challenge started just as my last goal was completed. I have joined the Tone It Up Fit For Fall Charity Challenge that kicked off on Monday (September 21). It's an eight week fitness challenge that incorporates cardio and strength training in daily workouts. The cardio portions are designed to help raise money for charity through the  optional use of the Charity Miles fitness app. The fitness schedule is updated every Sunday on their website and the workouts change up every day, focusing on different parts of the body so you never get bored or burned out. 

Photo Source: Tone It Up

I have been a member of the Tone It Up team for over six years now and I have talked about my two trainers on the blog here and here. Karena Dawn & Katrina Scott are incredibly motivating, knowledgeable and positive fitness trainers who have created a comprehensive nutrition and fitness program. Their popularity has exploded in the last few years and they deserve every ounce of success they have worked so hard to achieve. Their programs get serious body & life changing results and along the way you will make so many friends through the huge Tone It Up community. It's never too late to start the Charity Challenge so click here for all the details. Now I need to head out and get my fitness on for day 5! I hope that you will join me.

Deanna xo

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