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Staying on track with your fitness and nutrition plan during cold & flu season can be very difficult. I caught a bad cold a week & a half ago and it completely derailed my workout schedule. Aside from all the typical cold symptoms I wasn't sleeping well and was very weak. I just didn't have the energy to workout and I also lost my appetite (which didn't help with feeling weak). I still feel really exhausted but my cold is finally starting to subside. 

When it comes to my fitness plan I've lost precious time in the Tone It Up Fit For Fall Challenge. It's easy to feel guilty for not staying on track and toss your whole healthy routine out the window. But we know that is not a good option. Working out and eating well throughout cold & flu season is really important to keep our body strong and healthy. I've decided to create my own workout schedule using some of Tone It Up's strength workouts and adding in my own cardio. I really miss my 100 By Fall cardio challenge so I am going to figure out a new challenge that takes me through to Christmas. I'll keep you posted! Have a fantastic, healthy weekend. And happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadians!

Deanna xo

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