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Tone It Up's Karena Dawn & Katrina Scott
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After months of escaping the cold winter weather by staying cozy inside and eating a little too much comfort food I am definitely feeling the fattening effects. And before we know it summer (aka bikini & shorts weather) will be here. Ok don't panic! We still have lots of time to get back in bikini body shape before the first day of summer arrives (exactly 16 weeks away) and if you are looking for a jump start I've got you covered. My trainers from Tone It Up are starting their 7 Day Slim Down program today and it is the perfect way to get back into a healthy routine and boost your confidence.

The program is a part of the Tone It Up nutrition plan; it lasts seven days, contains a detailed daily meal plan & workout schedule and it really gets results (which you can see here). Whether you want to lose a few pounds, tone up or get rid of that winter bloat this plan covers it all. I mean just look at Karena & Katrina's glowing, toned bodies above and you'll be motivated to eat clean and get your fitness on too. The ladies posted the 7 Day Slim Down daily workout schedule here and I'm ready to start it first thing this morning. Let me know if you are going to join me and the rest of the Tone It Up community in the 7 Day Slim Down!

Deanna xo

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