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Last week I talked about the new fitness challenge I created for myself and I wanted to go into a little more depth about it this week. Today marks the completion of the fourth week of the challenge and that means I've worked out every day for the last 28 days! I don't think I have ever worked out that many days in a row before, usually because I often would take rest days or lose motivation. I've challenged myself to workout for at least 30 minutes every day for the next 100 days, which started 100 days out from the first day of summer.  Now I know many professionals recommend a rest day at least once a week but I've become an advocate for active rest days. Sometimes when I take a whole day off of exercise it is harder to get back into the groove the next day and I miss that burst of energy & sense of accomplishment. So working out every day is my new motto and so far it is working well for me. I am feeling stronger and more toned. Some days I do just 30 minutes of exercise but most days I push myself further.

In the last 28 days I've done a lot of run intervals (outside and on the treadmill), power walking, barre, yoga, pilates, and circuit training with hand weights/kettlebells. I've rediscovered my vast workout DVD library and I love doing the Tone It Up workouts (free on their YouTube channel). I change up my routine every single day so I don't get bored and I don't exhaust the same muscles over & over. One thing that motivates me to get my workout in every day is posting my workout to my fitness Instagram account, FitForSummerGal. It keeps me accountable and there is also a sense of accomplishment when I post each day. The photos above are examples of the types of pictures I post (some part of me is always in the photo) and I always explain my workout of the day in the comments. It's not about how many likes I get or how many followers I have. Ultimately I am doing this for me, my health and my body. But it's nice to think I might be inspiring and motivating others with my workout posts. Now that I have made daily fitness a habit I am working on improving my nutrition. I am challenging myself to eat healthier and cut out all fast foods and soda pop (starting April 1st). Diet coke is becoming a bad habit again, one that I broke over 10 years ago and I need to break it again. I find drinking flavoured sparkling water makes the transition easier. I hope you follow along in my 100 day fitness journey and have a great weekend!

Deanna xo


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