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Happy May! Can you believe we are almost halfway through spring? It certainly has not felt like spring this year and we still don't have leaves on the trees in Toronto. I'm hoping the weather will keep above 10 degrees Celsius from here on out. This past weekend also marked the halfway point in my #100DaysToSummer fitness challenge! I can't believe that I have worked out for at least 30 minutes a day for the last 50 days, even when I was sick with a cold for nearly two weeks. Daily workouts have become a good habit and a major priority for me. After 7 weeks of consistent fitness I am seeing more definition in my arms, legs & abs, my clothes are fitting better, my jeans are getting looser and I have more energy during the day. That amazing feeling of accomplishment after every workout and knowing I am taking good care of my body is worth every drop of sweat!

Now that daily workouts are a real habit I am working on improving my diet. I already eat pretty healthy and I have reduced my intake of processed/fast foods & diet coke (sparkling water helps me get over that sporadic habit) but there is always room for improvement. Experts agree that losing weight and getting fit & healthy is 80% nutrition and 20% fitness. It is so easy to ruin all your hard work in the gym with a crappy diet so I'm starting a mini challenge today to help with improving my nutrition. It's called the One Perfect Week challenge - basically you eat a clean, lean, unprocessed, whole foods diet for seven days straight. No cheat meals. No fast food. No alcohol. No soda pop. After seven days you can incorporate one cheat meal a week. I'll let you know how I do with this new mini challenge next week. Don't forget to follow my daily workouts on my Instagram account FitForSummerGal. I hope you all have a healthy & happy week!

Deanna xo


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