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My name is Deanna and I am a yo-yo exerciser.  Correction, I was a yo-yo exerciser until two things happened this summer.  But first a little background on me and exercise. In the past I would go on health kicks, promising to workout for X many days a week and eat super healthy.  I set goals like lose 10 pounds or run my first 5k race and typically stuck to them for the first four weeks.  But then I would get busy with work, complete the race or just end up bored with the monotonous workout routine.  Without frequent inspiration my plan to be the healthiest I can be would ultimately fall by the wayside.  

Tone It Up Duo

So what, you ask, stopped me from being a yo-yo exerciser this summer?  First, I helped my dad through his recovery from a kidney transplant, which he waited six years for while living on dialysis.  And second, I discovered Tone It Up.  Seeing my father through his recovery opened my eyes to how important it is to appreciate your good health and to do everything you can to stay active.  I decided that there is no time like the present to get off the exercise roller coaster and dedicate myself to a healthy lifestyle.  But I needed some support to make it past the first four weeks and luckily I found it in Tone It Up. 

Tone It Up was created by Karena & Katrina, two young professional fitness trainers that run a studio in California.  Through their online blog and You Tube Channel Karena & Katrina have been my constant inspiration to exercise regularly with a combination of cardio & strength training and eat healthy, unprocessed food.  These two incredible trainers share their own journey to a more toned body on their website www.toneitup.com where they blog delicious recipes & workout tips. They have also built a library of exercise and food videos on their www.toneitup.tv  channel which you can subscribe to on You Tube.  My personal favourites are the Cinnamon Swirl Smoothie and the "Tighten and Tone" Circuit Workout videos.  This fitness duo's newest endeavors include a workout DVD (which can be purchased on their website) and a community web page where people can join and talk about their own journey to healthy living. 
Karena & Katrina

It's truly the videos and blog coupled with their humour, down to earth personalities & 'live the talk' attitude that have kept me inspired to stay on the path to my best body ever.  It's like having your own personal fitness trainer with you any time of the day. I can say with confidence that I have just finished three solid months of running & circuit training! I stayed the course while taking on a busy new job and helping my dad through his transplant recovery (he celebrated his 75th birthday at the end of August!).  I feel more toned and definitely have more energy than ever before.  I hope that more people discover Tone It Up and enjoy the same incredible experience & results that I have!

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