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Source: Canadian House & Home
Once the holidays are over and we pack away all the Christmas decorations I always find that my home feels so bare.  I start to analyze where my furniture is placed, pieces I'd like to replace, and how I can change up my decor style and colours.  Should I pull out the paint brush and change the wall colour in my bedroom or sell my barely used dining table to make room for a larger entertaining space in my condo?  I know I am not alone in these thoughts once January 1st arrives and there's one place to go to get new design inspiration in the new year... the Trends 2011 section of the January 2011 issue of Canadian House and Home magazine.  This year H&H design team, headed by the incomparable editor-in-chief Suzanne Dimma, outlines five design trends they expect to see in 2011.

The New Modern
Described as "soft and layered", they take the modern style we know well and add layers and textures to warm up the design style.  Earth tones and shades of blue are highlighted against white walls along with streamlined neutral furniture that looks modern but is quite cozy and comfortable. This may be my favourite trend and style because it is timeless and I never tire of it.

The New Vintage
This 2011 trend is described as "edgy and focused", and the design focus is on floral prints, found in fabrics and wallpaper.  The furniture style is most definitely hip flea market finds with distressed fabrics and chippy-peely painted wood.  Shabby chic, all grown up.

The New Country
Country design style has a history of being all about blue & yellow or red accents and rustic handcrafted furniture.  Today's new country is definitely exhibits simple yet clean lines and more neutral tones. H&H describes this 2011 trend as "sleek and artisanal". It's all about being organic these days and the new country style fits right in, with reclaimed pieces of wood creating a farmhouse table or kitchen island.  Add a white background and natural wood tones and you've achieved new country style in 2011.

The New Traditional
Think "bold and exotic"... bold patterns and chinoiserie prints, accented with gold, and you have H&H's next 2011 style trend.  This trend is all about drama and a sumptuous feel which would likely translate well in a bedroom with a chinoiseries wallpaper behind a neutral upholstered headboard (as showcased in the article).

The New Global
When I think about the global design style I think of decor from Africa or Asia brought back after an exciting exotic trip.  The 2011 trend described as "subtle and tailored" brings global to a new sophisticated level. It's an "eclectic and elegant" style that combines a blue and white palette, various woods and metals, in a quiet and paired back way.

I'm definitely most drawn to the New Modern trend for 2011. It's the best reflection of my current style and would be the easiest to incorporate with my existing pieces.  Frankly it's far too expensive to completely change up our interior spaces.  So try changing only one room or finding a few accent pieces to make your entire space reflect the 2011 trend that speaks most to you.  The January 2011 issue of Canadian House and Home magazine highlights furniture and accent pieces that will help you get the look and I encourage you to pick up this issue and give a 2011 trend a try.

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