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Le Pliage Large Tote in Graphite
There is a stylish trend on the arms of women in the city that has piqued my interest. While walking around the streets of Toronto yesterday, trekking through the slushy snow and bundled up tight, fighting the brutal windchill, I started to notice a particular handbag brightening the city sidewalks.  At one point it became a game of how many of these handbags I could spy in my journey from King and Jarvis to Yorkville and I completely lost count.  It was quite clear that Toronto had a hot new "it" bag that was bringing style to this otherwise blah winter. And this "it" bag is the Longchamp Le Pliage.  Pliage is French for "fold", which is exactly what this flexible bag can do.  It literally folds up into a small pouch that can be stored anywhere and is perfect for travel.   Le Pliage comes in a variety of colours, including pretty purple and cherry red, and ranges in size from a cosmetics bag to a small handbag to an oversized duffel.  Each bag is made in France from a satiny durable nylon and is accented with rich brown leather handles.  It is so well designed that you can carry just about anything in it and it still feels light and comfortable.  I am particularly smitten with the Le Pliage large tote in graphite, which is a beautiful colour to complement the brown leather.  I love that it is a casual bag that can go from the streets to the office to the beach.  I was surprised to discover that the bag was actually introduced in 1993, particularly because its style is just so current and I'd never really heard of it before (which is embarrassing for someone who follows fashion and loves designer handbags).  So Le Pliage is not a "new" bag but some styles can completely transcend time, like a Hermes Birkin bag or a Chanel quilted purse, and Le Pliage has certainly proved that.  But unlike a Birkin, there is no waiting list to purchase a Le Pliage (thank god) and it's priced between $150 and $300 (depending on the size you choose), which is quite affordable for a designer bag.  The Longchamp website even offers a service where you can design your very own Le Pliage bag!  There are few speciality leather stores in Toronto that carry the line but to find a store closest to you check the Longchamp store locator.  You know which Le Pliage I have my eye on so tell me which style and colour is your favourite?

Le Pliage Travel Bag in Purple
Le Pliage Tote in Red - folded

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