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If it's fall, it's plaid season! The moment the temperatures start to drop the plaid fashion trend starts to rise. Some find wearing plaid a little intimidating & bold; some think it looks too much like a Catholic school girl uniform; and others say it resembles a lumberjack. I'm here to dispel any fears or misnomers about plaid and provide a little fashionable inspiration. My Instagram account and blog is full of my very own plaid fashion obsession - check here, here and here. And for more ways to wear plaid this fall/winter season I pulled together a beautiful collection of images from my Pinterest account. I believe the key to successfully wearing plaid is to find a shade that flatters you, whether it's a red, green, navy, orange or neutral plaid print (just to name a few) and wear just ONE plaid item per outfit (the easiest item to start with is a great scarf). It's trendy to mix plaids in one outfit but I would save that style for the bravest of fashionistas. Too much of a good thing can definitely be too much and very busy. You'll notice all the ladies above are only wearing one plaid piece each and it allows the plaid to make the statement. Now that you've been totally inspired you can shop some of my favourite plaid items below!

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