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In my last fitness Friday post I talked about creating a new workout goal to take me through to the new year. I had so much success with my 100 by Fall fitness challenge that I decided to start a new challenge!

The next fitness challenge is called 100 by New Year's. If you are familiar with the 100 by Fall fitness challenge you'll know that it was 100 miles of cardio completed by the first day of fall. The cardio can be in the form of running, walking,  elliptical machine, swimming, biking etc.

The goal date for this new fitness challenge is January 1st, 2016 and the start date is Monday, October 26. That leaves me with just under 10 weeks to finish this new challenge. I plan to do 3 to 4 cardio sessions a week (for a total of 10.45 miles/week) as well as one power yoga workout and a couple strength workouts.

We often over-indulge during the holiday season and tell ourselves that we will get back on track with our fitness routine & clean eating habits in the new year. With this 100 by New Year's fitness challenge I'll be ahead of the game and will start the new year fit & healthy! I hope this will inspire you to keep your own fitness commitments throughout the holiday season. Let me know in the comments section how you plan to stay healthy and fit during the holidays and if you will join me in 100 by New Year's challenge! 


Deanna xo

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