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I was reading an article about Elle Macpherson yesterday and she was said the following... "Don't make a new year's resolution; find a new year's solution." What wise words from a woman who has a beautiful, healthy life and incredibly successful career as a model, mother, designer and entrepreneur. We start each new year making a list of our resolutions - what we will or won't do in 2016. And by today (January 7th) most people have already broken their resolutions and often feel bad about themselves for failing so quickly. Instead of making resolutions, let's find the solution. The right solution for you is something that will stick around after the first week and well after the 52nd week. 

After I read that quote I immediately made this graphic above to post on my Pinterest account to pass on the motivation to my nearly 4,000 followers and beyond. It got me thinking about other inspiring words I've heard over the last year and so I gathered up all the graphics I created & posted to my Pinterest account to share with you here. I hope they motivate you, make you smile, spark some inspiration and help you to find solutions in 2016 that last well past today. Pin these wise words to your own Pinterest accounts and pass on the motivation. And yes, life definitely begins after coffee ;)


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