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We are a full week into the new year and I bet many of us have already broken our new year's fitness resolution. I had a crazy week that included a very sore arm and a broken down car in freezing damp weather and unfortunately my workout schedule sort of went out the window. Thankfully I ate pretty clean and healthy last week and I plan to restart my fitness goals and get back on track this week. It helped that I planned out my daily meals many days in advance and shopped for all the ingredients beforehand. Planning ahead really makes eating healthy, lean and green SO much easier. 

Something that motivates me to workout is new fitness gear. I think many women will agree with me, when you feel good in your fitness clothes and have something new to wear it helps. I got this new Lululemon sports bra in my favourite colour, pink, for Christmas and it's that little extra boost I need to make it to the gym. If you are looking for even more motivation to get fit and healthy in 2016 I highly recommend you check out my trainers from Tone It Up. I have been following Karena & Katrina for over six years and they have really exploded in popularity in the last year or two. They just launched a new eight week fitness and nutrition plan that gets results (just one look at their healthy fit bodies and you know it works!) and you can still join in. For more details on the plan click here.

So here is to a healthy 2016 and don't worry if you fall off the workout wagon... just dust yourself off and get back on!

Deanna xo

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