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There is something so easy, clean and fresh about white shoes in the summer. White practically goes with everything in my wardrobe and they show off a tan perfectly (preferable a fake tan - gotta protect your skin!). Now that Memorial Day has passed we can break out our favourite white pieces (if you subscribe to that old fashion rule). When I am heading out the door or packing for a getaway I always seem to gravitate towards to my white summer shoe collection. Here are five white shoes that have become staples in my wardrobe:

The Fringed Sandal 
This sandal is a newbie to my collection and a hot carry over trend from summer 2015. The fringed leather makes them fun & flirty and great for a day at the beach.

The T-Strap Sandal
Whether you prefer it plain or spiced up with studs, the T-strap sandal is a comfortable and stylish choice. They are perfect for walking longer distances - whether you are running weekend errands or walking along the boardwalk. I purchased these Michael Kors studded sandals a few years ago and they are still going strong today. I find the studs really dress-up even my simplest summer dresses; they are like jewelry for the feet. Unfortunately the Michael Kors style is long since sold out but I've found a very similar pair here. If studs aren't your style I've found a couple pairs of classic plain white t-straps too.

The Thong Sandal 
The thong sandal (otherwise know as the flip flop) is a great beach and bbq casual sandal. Because they don't have ankle straps to do up they are so easy to slide on and off (but I don't need to tell you that). A quality leather pair will last you for a number of summers but there's always the ever affordable foam Old Navy flip flops when the occasion calls for it.
The Espadrille
A white espadrille (especially a style with a black toe cap) is a chic summer shoe. They will look stylish with anything in your summer wardrobe and are especially chic with white capris or white linen pants. Chanel's version is a gorgeous classic but out of reach for many of us. I found a pair here and here that have a similar look & feel without the hefty price tag.  
The Canvas Sneaker
On those super causal days when I'm on the go and need comfort as well as style I reach for my white canvas Converse sneakers. I hate to overuse the word "classic" but that is what these sneakers are. They have been around forever but the athleisure trend has made the canvas sneaker (especially Converse sneakers) an important part of a fashionista's wardrobe. If the Converse style is not for you I've found a few other brands that may appeal.

Deanna xo

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