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STRIPED SPORTS BRA (Lululemon - no longer available; a colourful hot pink option) | SNEAKERS

Happy Fitness Friday! Today's look is all about hot pink. Adding some colour to my daily workout definitely puts pep in my step, especially when that colour is pink! I love my hot pink Nike sneakers and it perfectly pairs with this colourful striped Lululemon sports bra. Unfortunately the sports bra is no longer available but I linked a few hot pink options below.

Today is the last day of week 12 in the #100DaysToSummer fitness challenge. I can't believe how quickly this challenge has moved and that there are only a couple weeks left! I am going to figure out a new fitness challenge for the summer because I am absolutely not stopping my daily workouts.

You know I love mini-challenges and I started a new one this week. After reading how coffee can possibly cause wrinkles and increase cortisol in the body I decided to kick my morning coffee habit to the curb. So on June 1st I replaced coffee with a cup of green tea, which has so many health benefits in itself. I've been lucky that I have not experienced any withdrawal symptoms, like headaches or exhaustion. But I do miss the smell of coffee and my morning coffee ritual. I plan to try two weeks without coffee and see how I feel and if it's actually beneficial. I may extend the mini-challenge to the full month of June. Either way I am looking forward to seeing the results. Do you drink coffee everyday or have you also kicked the coffee habit? I'd love to know how you did it or why you'll never give up coffee. Have a wonderful weekend!

Deanna xo



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